Sequim Spoke Folk to assist with ride

Sequim Spoke Folk

Sequim Spoke Folk

After a initial meeting with the event organizer, the Sequim Spoke Folk are ready to assist the lavender farmers with the logistics of this ride. A planning meeting will be held on January 18, 2013 to organize the event. Any member of the Sequim cycling community who is interested in helping out with this exciting event is encouraged to attend.


      • Organize the ride: will there be a return ride (Sequim to Kingston on 8/4?)
      • Do the strip map
      • Plan luggage support
      • Plan SAG and Medical support
      • Coordinate with local law enforcement: Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap Sheriff as well as Sequim and Kingston PD
      • Coordinate with Cascade Bicycle Club for advertising
      • Many questions…: transport to PA for Ride the Hurricane?, mechanical support?, “things to do in Sequim” handout for the riders and others etc.
      • More…Sequim’s Centennial, etc

      Meet at Hurricane Coffee Friday, January 18th after the Friday ride. We need lots of help to make this a successful event.


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