Tour de Lavender

2017 was a great ride!

Tour de Lavender (Photo credit: Garland Frankfurth)

There were 428 registered riders for the 2017 Tour de Lavender, and that’s a 34% increase over the previous year! The ride benefits cycling on the Olympic Peninsula and also helps to sustain the iconic Sequim lavender farms that make it possible.

Tour de Lavender riders at Washington Lavender Farm (Photo credit: Leslie Mundy)

Here are some comments that were received:

Rosanna said, “What a beautiful way to showcase the people of this event. Great volunteers and hosts. The scenery is a bonus.”

Aimee said: “I strongly recommend the Tour de Lavender. It’s a great course, beautiful ride, and fun event. The course was well manned and help was a phone call away if needed. The farms were lovely and offered great snacks, beverages and goodies. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. I strongly encourage this ride to others. I will definitely do this again next year. I cannot thank all the volunteers for making this event a success. Your support on the course yesterday provided me a peace of mind and comfort.”

Briana said, “I’m in for next year!!!”

We hope are in for next year as well! Mark your calendar for August 4, 2018, always the first Saturday in August.

Bicycle in lavender (Photo credit: Leslie Mundy)