Tour de Lavender

What to Expect for TdL 2018


The Tour de Lavender planning team started their work shortly after we wrapped up TdL 2017 with an after-ride assessment meeting that looked at all the pros and cons of the event, took into consideration all the comments and feedback we received, and started thinking about ways we could make the 2018 Tour the best ever.  We let all that “marinate” for a couple of months before getting down to the serious preparatory work in November.  Since then the team has been hard at it, committed to giving our 2018 riders, new and returning, more than just a ride–an experience they’ll enjoy, remember, and bring their friends to in 2019.

What can you look forward to in the 2018 Tour de Lavender?  Well….

The stunning backdrop of the Olympic Mountains and the Salish Sea (a.k.a the Strait of Juan de Fuca), fields of sweet-smelling lavender in hues of purple and white, the warm hospitality of the lavender farm owners (and the people of Sequim and the Dungeness Valley in general), will remain a huge part of the experience!  This is one event where you can discover and explore the whole new world of cycling adventure on the Olympic Peninsula.

An event geared to cyclists of ALL abilities and experience. 

A streamlined, more efficient check-in and registration process. In anticipation of more than 500 participants this year, the planning team has completely re-vamped the lay-out and the procedures for pre-registrant check-in and for those who need to register when they arrive at the event.

Outstanding rider support everywhere–on the routes and at every stop.  Coordinating logistical support for nine or more stops has been a challenge in past years but we’re implementing improvements this year to make sure every rider, from first to last, can take full advantage of the snacks, beverages, and mechanical support we provide.

A dynamite after-ride celebration party with some fantastic door prizes you won’t want to miss.  Within an easy pedal or walk (you won’t have to drive at all!) the After-Ride Party is where you can kick back, relax, and cement new friendships made earlier in the day.  Tedesco’s Italian Restaurant, Salty Girls Chowder and Oyster Bar, the Peninsula Tap Room, and the City of Sequim are partnering with us to put on what we hope will become a Tour de Lavender tradition.

Better weather!???? Well, we’re going to try…. At the very least we hope to have clearer skies unaffected by wildfires in other parts of the Pacific Northwest. August is one of the best months, weather-wise, on the North Olympic Peninsula, with mild temperatures and little to no rain.  We have had some chilly starts and some exceptionally warm–hot–years, so come prepared for a range of possible conditions, though most of that range  is in the moderate part of the weather spectrum.  

Everything you’ve loved about the Tour de Lavender if you’ve ridden with us before, and everything great you’ve heard about it if this is your first.

We can hardly wait to see you in August and we promise you you’ll find that the Tour de Lavender is indeed…

More than just a ride…It’s an Experience!