Registration is Open

lavender-field-1595602_1920 (1)Registration for this year’s Tour de Lavender is officially open! 

Check the registration page, click on I’m In! Sign Me UP!” and you’ll be taken straight to the registration form with additional details.

We’re looking to make this year’s Tour the “bestest” ever–and we expect it to be the biggest as well!  We can hardly wait to welcome all those who’ve ridden with us in previous years and every single newcomer as well, so we get to share with everyone the extraordinary beauty of the Olympic Peninsula–this magical place we get to call “home.”

We’ve also got a brand new jersey design in the works, and just to whet your appetite (and provide even more reason to sign up–and order one), here’s what it looks like.Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 4.29.20 PM

So register early, register often,

Get your jersey order in, and we’ll see ya on August 4th for the Sixth Annual Tour de Lavender, the Olympic Peninsula’s premier event for all cyclists!  And remember, this is 

“More than just a ride…It’s an Experience!”


6 thoughts on “Registration is Open

  1. The alternative route wasn’t marked well. Instead of limitless options and confusion, please set just a few routes. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion Katherine. We’ll make sure the routes are very clear to everyone this year. There are only two routes: the 62.5 mile Metric Century and the Fun Ride, both of which are well marked with distinctive colors. There is no “alternative” route. Riders can, and do, use the maps and their gps devices to decide where or how far they want to go on either ride.

      1. Just to clarify: in previous years when the fee for the Metric Century was higher than hat for the Fun Ride, no refund of the difference was provided to anyone who decided to ride the shorter route. This year, the fee is the same for both rides, but we do need to know if someone has decided to opt for the shorter route. We’d also ask that if, having signed up for the Metric Century, you decide sometime before the event that you’re doing the Fun ride instead of the Metric Century, let us know.

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