It’s a cyclist’s weekend on the Olympic Peninsula!

Mark your calendars for the weekend of August 5th…the cyclist’s dream weekend on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula!

The fifth annual “Tour de Lavender” takes place on August 5, 2017, showcasing the world-loved lavender farms of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley.  You can ride easy on the scenic, cyclist-friendly Olympic Discovery Trail to visit lavender farms and other great places. More challenging options can take you up into the hills, along the Dungeness River and all around the Olympic Peninsula.

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Make it a full weekend of cycling fun. There are lots of overnight lodging options available to you and your family. Summer is at its best and you won’t want to miss out on the Olympic Peninsula’s incredible mountain and ocean vistas. Book early to avoid disappointment.

The “Tour de Lavender” includes options which will appeal to the broadest range of cyclists and their families. In addition to a Metric Century, there is the Fun Ride that takes you on a more leisurely visit to see from one to seven of the eight farms on the Tour, depending on your cycling skill and/or age. The two day “Pedal Power Weekend” also includes “Ride the Hurricane” when cyclists have the famed Hurricane Ridge Road up into the Olympic National Park all to themselves–free of vehicles– from 7AM to Noon on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

Avalanche liiies at sunset along Obstruction Point Rd., Olympic

So come join us, take home some lavender–and some great memories to hold you over ’til 2018…. See you on August 5, 2017 for an amazing Pedal Power Weekend!

The 2017 Tour de Lavender shapes up


Minds and bodies come together at George Washington Inn in mid January and start planning for the upcoming ride, which is scheduled for August 5, 2017. The second weekend of August, known as the Pedal Power Weekend, incorporates both the Tour de Lavender and Ride the Hurricane. Each year feedback is received from the growing number or riders, who love to return and invite their friends to come with them to ride the Olympic Discovery Trail out to the famous lavender farms of the Sequim Valley with additional options for the serious cyclist.

We appreciate your suggestions and try to incorporate as many of them as we can in making an even better experience for the hundreds who now love to experience the Olympic Peninsula in an amazing panorama of snow-capped mountains, blue ocean and hospitable lavender farms. Mark your calendars now, come early and enjoy our million acre national park and let’s experience another great ride out to the farms and up into the hills this summer!


Ride the Olympic Discovery Trail!

Have you discovered the beautiful lavender farms of the Sequim Valley that are scattered along the Olympic Discovery Trail? If you haven’t, ride the Tour de Lavender in mid summer at the peak of the lavender harvest.

DSC00021   DSC00036

Named as one of the top rides in Washington State by the Cascade Bicycle Club, the Olympic Discovery Trail allows you to slow down and see “not only our spectacular mountains, lakes and rivers, but also the small things along the side of the road like spring wildflowers, birds and waterfalls.” (Seattle Times: Cascade Bicycle Club leader names top 10 Washington bike rides)


Come and ride with us. You can make an amazing Pedal Power Weekend out of it with Ride the Hurricane which also takes you up into the Olympic National Park!

Summing up the ride


The second annual Tour de Lavender was held on August 2-3, 2014 for 232 cyclists and hosted by 65 volunteers along with the 5 member farms of the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association. It coincided with Ride the Hurricane to make a very successful Pedal Power Weekend for the Olympic Peninsula. This recreational ride was comprised of two parts which consisted of a long ride, the Metric Century Plus, and a shorter ride, the Family Fun Ride. Both rides started in Sequim at the Boys and Girls Club, making good use of the Olympic Discovery Trail and the hosting lavender farms. In addition to the farms, the long ride took the cyclists through Port Angeles and out to the Elwha River Bridge and back. The Family Fun ride covered both days complementing with friends and family who were participating in the more challenging Ride the Hurricane up into the Olympic National Park.


The riders’ feedback was very positive with comments praising the volunteers and the lavender farms for their cheerful support and wonderful hospitality. The ride was adjusted this year to begin in Sequim, instead of Kingston, and avoided the highway traffic. The riders enthusiastically embraced this change. Better marking along the trail was also a major improvement. The cyclists love the slower pace of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley and the scenic Olympic Discovery Trail. The riders appreciated packets that included cycling swag and lavender gifts.

Tour de Lavender bike ride-2014 043

Riders were encouraged to visit all of the lavender farms using a Passport and  collecting stamps at each farm. All riders who successfully collected all of their stamps were then entered into a drawing for a beautiful bike. The oldest cyclist was asked to draw the winning Passport, and the winner was a rider from Oregon – a nice ending to a great weekend.

Tour de Lavender bike ride-2014 021

There is little doubt that Tour de Lavender brought a lot of business and goodwill to the Olympic Peninsula and will go a long ways in bringing tourists back to this unique bike-friendly community that has grown a reputation for its beautiful lavender farms and scenic byways.


Many of the riders from the inaugural event returned this year and brought friends and family with them. A sizable donation will also be given to the Olympic Trails Coalition to be used for the Olympic Discovery Trail’s maintenance and development. Tour de Lavender has gained a good reputation among cyclists and will continue to grow in the years ahead. We look forward to an even better ride next year!


Options for cyclists

Here are the three options for the ride from Kingston to Sequim on August 3, 2013:

Ride to Sequim: Start in Kingston, finish your ride at Ride HQ (Sequim HS): distance ~46 mi – a nice days ride.

The Metric Century: Ride from Kingston thru Sequim visiting several Lavender Farms returning to the Sequim Ride HQ (located at the Boys and Girls Club – 400 W. Fir St., near the Sequim HS) for a total of 62+ miles.

Experience Lavender: Start in Kingston and continue your ride through the Sequim Valley visiting all of the Sequim Lavender Farms for a nice 81+ mile ride. Finish at Ride HQ.

Additional rides for the family are also available:

Family Fun Ride: Start at Sequim HS and Explore the Olympic Discovery Trail, Sequim Dungeness Valley, and Sequim’s heritage lavender farms. Up to 35 miles with several options.

Come and bring your friends and family. There’s something for everyone! Map and directions for all rides and to all Lavender Farms will be included in  your registration packet.

Sequim lavender farms
Sequim lavender farms

Plan to stay over and take in the Sunday ride, Ride the Hurricane, which takes you to the top of Hurricane Ridge and into the Olympic National Park. The farms will be open for your riding pleasure as well. Separate registration is required for Ride the Hurricane which is part of the “Pedal Power Weekend”.

Ride is listed with the Cascade Bicycle Club

Tour de Lavender is now listed on the Event Calendar of the Cascade Bicycle Club, the largest cycling club in the country. It will have a century ride, along with shorter 25, 40 & 65 mile rides. Family rides to just the lavender farms along the Olympic Discovery Trail are in the plans as well. More details on the easy to hard segments of the ride will be forthcoming. This family friendly ride will appeal to all skill levels.

Sequim Spoke Folk to assist with ride

Sequim Spoke Folk

Sequim Spoke Folk

After a initial meeting with the event organizer, the Sequim Spoke Folk are ready to assist the lavender farmers with the logistics of this ride. A planning meeting will be held on January 18, 2013 to organize the event. Any member of the Sequim cycling community who is interested in helping out with this exciting event is encouraged to attend.


      • Organize the ride: will there be a return ride (Sequim to Kingston on 8/4?)
      • Do the strip map
      • Plan luggage support
      • Plan SAG and Medical support
      • Coordinate with local law enforcement: Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap Sheriff as well as Sequim and Kingston PD
      • Coordinate with Cascade Bicycle Club for advertising
      • Many questions…: transport to PA for Ride the Hurricane?, mechanical support?, “things to do in Sequim” handout for the riders and others etc.
      • More…Sequim’s Centennial, etc

      Meet at Hurricane Coffee Friday, January 18th after the Friday ride. We need lots of help to make this a successful event.