The Routes

The ride starts on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the town of Sequim, showcasing the world-loved lavender farms of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley. Connected by the scenic and cyclist-friendly Olympic Discovery Trail, the new 2017 routes add the new Sequim Bay State Park Trail Bridge and Bell Hill scenic views. Tour de Lavender includes options which will appeal to the broadest range of cyclists and their families.

Washington Lavender Farm, one of the lavender farms in the Sequim Valley

Fun Ride

The 2017 Fun Ride starts (7 am to Noon) at the Boys & Girls Club and visits seven farms, with open prairies and water views. There is a new scenic option to our newly restored 3Crabs Wetlands Reserve. The total distance is 34 miles with little elevation gain and the ride may be tailored to individual lengths, interests and destinations.

2017 TdL Farm Fun Ride

Metric Century

The 2017 Metric Century starts (7 am to Noon) at the Boys & Girls Club and visits eight farms. The route has the foothills in the cooler, first half of the ride, with a new scenic option over our famous Bell Hill, with its incredible views of our Dungeness Valley. The new Sequim Bay State Park Trail Bridge is completed, for a dramatic 100 foot, creek crossing, then down to Discovery Bay, with it’s Native American Cultural Center. As the day warms up, you take in the open prairies and water views & breezes from our beaches.

2017 TdL Metric Century

Come and bring your friends and family for another great ride. There’s something for everyone! All routes are on paved trail and local roads. Well marked and well supported with food / beverage available at each farm and the Registration / Start & Finish. Map and directions for the rides and to all Lavender Farms will be included in your registration packet and GPS Route support is available.

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7 thoughts on “The Routes

    1. This is a mostly flat ride with 2150 ft of climbing and only 2 high points of 642 ft and 514 ft. in the first 15 miles. It has a couple of steep pitches, but this ride does not require gears beyond 25T39 to enjoy.

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